Payton Hodges, D.D.S.

A. Payton Hodges, Jr.,
D.D.S., P.A.
3600 North Formosa Ave.
Orlando, FL 32804

Dr. Hodges has been my family's dentist for many years. From regularly cleaning my teeth to taking care of my crowns, he is the dentist I always turn to and recommend to others. Dr. Hodges and his staff are courteous and professional. They also recognize that their patient's time is valuable; they see us promptly at our appointment time. Dr. Hodges' time is valuable too, but he always takes the time to personally inspect my teeth and ask how I'm doing. I like that personal touch, and you will too. More importantly, I want all of my doctors to be experienced. Dr. Hodges has been a dentist since 1958.