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With free online lawyers advice, you can get the legal answers you need at the Olsen Law Group. Simply email your Florida legal questions to us at our “Ask a Lawyer” page. As an alternative, the lawyers at our office are always happy to give you a few minutes of free legal advice right over the telephone at 407-423-5561. We can assist you in the areas of real estate, wills, trusts, probate, criminal defense, personal injury, mortgage foreclosures, divorce, child support and more.

In addition, you can call Attorney Tom Olsen on his “Olsen on Law” radio show in Orlando every Saturday morning at 11 ET on AM 580 WDBO. The toll free call in number is 800-329-5858.

At our firm, we offer free Florida legal advice by email, by giving you a few minutes of advice over the phone or by calling our “Olsen on Law” radio show.

We find that people often just need a few minutes of advice to solve their legal problem.

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Asking for free advice is something you might not think of doing with an attorney. The call will be free and you certainly are under no obligation. You will get a few minutes of free advice. And, if you need to retain an attorney, ask us to answer these questions for you: What can you do for me? How long will it take? and, How much will it cost? So don't delay, call us now at:

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OK, maybe you don't want to talk on the telephone. We understand, then email us for your free online lawyers advice. Just fill out the form here and we will email you back. We will do our best to answer your question for you or we will forward it to an attorney that we think can answer your question. Please remember, sometimes emails get lost in cyberspace and sometimes people have their own internal filters that block our responses to their questions. If you don't get an email reply, please feel free to call our office at:

Telephone: 407-423-5561

Toll Free: 888-233-8844

Emergency Number: 407-447-5822

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We also have created for you some free online lawyers advice via forms that are likely to be of help to you. Take a look at what we have for you now:





If you don’t see what you need, an Orlando attorney at our firm will be happy to answer your questions in person or by telephone at 407-423-5561.

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Any of the free Florida law articles and resources available to you online can be a good first step. However, free online lawyer’s advice is not as good as personal advice, so be sure to contact us once you’ve done your research.

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